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Global Commerce: Show Your Product Prices in Local Currencies via API - Earn Possible 30% Purchase Increase

by Interzoid Team

Posted on February 19th, 2020

Forex API

There were approximately 4.5 billion active Internet users around the globe in January 2020. Europe had more individual users on the Web than North America, with over 750,000 million. Asia eclipsed that with nearly 2 billion online. With numbers this large, it is clear that there are opportunities for almost any Website to participate in global commerce.

Is your site ready? One optimization is to show product prices in a Website visitor's local currency. This provides international customers a much richer and more localized experience while browsing your offerings. If you obtain the location of a visitor via IP address, it's easy enough to use a Web API to convert and show a price utilizing real-time foreign exchange rates. It's estimated that prices shown in one's own home currency can result in a 30% uplift in sales. Could one small site adjustment have such an impact for your site? It's worth finding out.

You can also test performance on a global scale with simple page load measurements from various geographic locations. Leveraging Edge Computing as part of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) can provide a much better performing site experience for global visitors as well. Slow sites, especially ones not optimized for mobile, can frustrate potential buyers.

The global Internet and its increasing number of citizens coming online represents a major opportunity. Be ready to take full advantage of the trend.

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