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Run Live Data Quality Match Reports from our Web Application

by Interzoid Team

Posted on December 7th, 2021

Run Live Data Quality Match Reports from our Web Application

100% Cloud, browser-based application easily connects to and quickly generates live duplication/redundancy reports from data within major Cloud database platforms.

Imagine at the click of a mouse on a Web browser, connecting to a major Cloud data platform or SAAS application and generating reports identifying significant data quality issues, such as inconsistent and redundant data, and other data quality exceptions, all without any software to set up or install.

Imagine no more. Now, with Interzoid's Cloud Data Connect Web application, you can connect to Cloud data platforms such as AWS Aurora/RDS, Snowflake, CockroachDB, and other Postgres and MySQL-based systems to quickly and easily generate data quality match, inconsistency, and exception reports. Machine Learning, heuristics, and other intelligence is leveraged within the API layer to deliver the results to the Cloud.

These data challenges left unchecked can cause inaccurate data analytics, faulty decision-making, data management issues, inefficient business processes, and other complications that result in increased business cost and missed opportunities.

Fortunately, using Interzoid's Cloud Data Connect browser-based Web application, difficult dirty data issues can be identified and greatly simplified, if not solved entirely.

And this is just the beginning. Try it here (free trials available) and be up and running in no time. It can't get any easier.

Connect Directly to Cloud Databases and Perform Data Quality Analysis
Achieve better, more consistent, more usable data
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Automate API Integration into Cloud Databases
Run live data quality exception and enhancement reports on major Cloud Data Platforms direct from your browser.
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