Identifying a City from an International Telephone Number via API

by Interzoid Team

Posted on June 30th, 2020

API for global telephone data

Automate collection of city, region, and country data for collected international phone numbers.

An API call with an international telephone number as an input parameter can give you the city, region, country, and a significant amount of other information pertaining to that phone number, including general wealth category and likely languages spoken.

The ability to segment information based on geographic and other generalized demographic information can be quite useful in customer analysis, marketing campaigns, lead scoring, Website personalization, and online advertising.

The possibilities are endless, and access to the API is easy.

city data from global phone numbers

Sample API call:

Sample Call:****&intlnumber=+496979550

Sample JSON Output: {"Country":"Germany","Region":"Hesse","PrimaryCity":"Frankfurt","PrimaryLanguage":"German","Language2":"","Language3":"","Mobile":"","Wealth":"2","Code":"Success","Credits":47473}

Here is the technical detail page for the Global Telephone API, including the ability to interactively try the API.

It is also available in AWS Marketplace, enabling usage through your existing AWS account.

AWS Cloud Marketplace

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