Estimate Demographics from an International Telephone Number

by Interzoid Team

Posted on September 17th, 2019

Estimate Demographics from an International Telephone Number

An international number by itself can provide a significant amount of useful information about the person or organization that the number connects to which may be helpful as part of a marketing segmentation exercise.

Of course there are differences from country to country based on how a given nation's telephone numbering system is organized. But in general, here are some categories of information that can be ascertained.

First, geography of course can be determined by the telephone number. The originating country can be identified enabling the marketing of products and services relevant to a site visitor's country of origin. In most cases, the city can also be determined from the telephone number by comparing it to databases of city codes in real-time for even more localized messaging.

Mobile device indication can be determined as well. Many countries have specific ranges of phone numbers that are reserved for mobile phones and devices. While this is not true in the United States because of number portability, in most countries, an algorithmic check of the telephone number can determine whether or not it is that of a mobile device.

Comparing an international telephone number with other global, public databases can indicate a likely net worth or income of the average person in the area of a given phone number. This might be useful for certain financial services inquiries where certain requirements would need to be met.

Likely spoken language can also be predicted, which of course can be helpful for communication purposes, localized marketing collateral, and displaying Web content a site visitor is likely to understand.

These estimated data points are available through Interzoid for general market segmenting purposes as an easy-to-integrate API. Of course, no personally-identifiable or private information is available from an international phone number. You would need to utilize specialized local databases for this information, or in the cases of organizations, perform Web queries based on the the telephone number. However, this is outside of the scope of anything Interzoid offers.

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