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OpenAPI Specification 3.0.3 Released

by Interzoid Team

Posted on February 24th, 2020

OpenAPI Specification

The OpenAPI 3.0.3 specification was released late last week. It is primarily a patch release to improve readability and accuracy, but doesn't change the behavior of the specification.

The OpenAPI specification is a standardized API description format that allows entire REST APIs to be described in either JSON or YAML, including endpoint locations, methods and their parameters, required authentication, and contact information for technical support and assistance. The standardized format makes it easy to generate client libraries in various programming languages, simplify use with API tools, IDEs, and integration products, and generate interactive documentation.

Some of the changes in this release include clarification of Path Templating, Semantic Versioning, and the notion of optional security on operations. Some included hyperlinks were edited and examples were improved.

For more details on the release visit the Github release page.

Here are some examples of Interzoid APIs in the OpenAPI Specification format

Global Location Page Load and API Call Performance Testing
Company Name Match Similarity Key Generation
Individual Name Match Similarity Key Generation
Live Currency Rates
Global Telephone Number Demographics
Current Weather Information
Email Address Validation and Information

For OpenAPI Specification documentation on all Interzoid APIs, visit the API master list, select an API, and then click on the OpenAPI Specification links.

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