Video: Matching Organization Name Data Using an API from Within PostgreSQL - All Automated, No Coding.

by Interzoid Team

Posted on April 19th, 2021

Video: Creating a Database in PostgreSQL, then Matching/Appending Data

In this step-by-step walkthrough example, a database is created and populated with data within PostgreSQL. Then, Interzoid’s Cloud Data Connect Product is used to generate a "Company Name Match Report" from the data by directly connecting to the PostgreSQL database and calling the Company Name Matching API sequentially for each record in a batch-like process. Finally, algorithmically-generated similarity keys are appended to the database table with automated database SQL "INSERTS" for the purposes of matching data with other data sources, even where company name data is inconsistent - all automated and without any coding.

Click here to view the video.

Creating a Database on PostgreSQL, then Matching/Appending Data

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