Interzoid APIs Available via RapidAPI

by Interzoid Team

Posted on July May 12th, 2021

API Platform Geared Towards Developers, Universal Testing Clients, Microservices, and a Directory of APIs

With millions of developers and more than ten thousand APIs, RapidAPI is the world's largest API Marketplace. It's rare that an application is built without the use of third party APIs these days, so this is a much needed contribution to modern connected application development.

The RapidAPI platform organizes and provides consistent access to the universe of APIs to make them easier to discover, as well as providing a rich set of tools to help a developer analyze, test, and quickly integrate a given API. Naturally, it makes sense for Interzoid to publish our APIs through the RapidAPI platform to take advantage of these tools and participate within its community.

Typically, when a developer is building an application and wants to leverage APIs from multiple vendors, he or she must contend with different business models, different sets of response messages, and different API design approaches. These types of friction can complicate the development process, not just in the beginning, but including maintaining applications built with APIs over time. RapidAPI provides a standardized business model, consistent API behavior, and a systematic discovery and API trial process that significantly reduces much of the API complexity that a developer can experience. Similar to an iTunes for songs, or a Google Play for Android applications, the RapidAPI platform categorizes, mediates, and accelerates the adoption of APIs for use in building integrated applications across the Web.

It is also of great value for publishers of APIs to leverage the RapidAPI platform, not only in providing access to developers en masse, but there are analytics, testing, documentation, management, and API commerce capabilities within the platform that can both accelerate and ease the adoption of the APIs an organization has created. For example, the universal testing client on the RapidAPI platform enables one to understand the usefulness and behavior of an API without having to write any code, significantly reducing the amount of time required to determine the value of the APIs one is considering making use of.

Example of the RapidAPI testing client:

RapidAPI API Testing Client for Microservices and other thousands of APIs for Developers

RapidAPI is also gaining a lot of momentum in the marketplace, recently announcing a $25 million Series B financing round lead by Microsoft's M12 Ventures. This is on top of a $9 million Series A financing in 2018 and a $3.5 million seed round in 2016. Other investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Grove Ventures, Ron Conway's SVAngel, DNS Capital, Green Bay Capital, and 500 Startups. This is clearly a company on the upswing with a bright future.

Interzoid published ten of its APIs on the RapidAPI platform, including its data quality matching APIs, a global page load performance API, weather APIs, a foreign currency rates API, an email address information API, and several more. You can find these on the RapidAPI platform here.

RapidAPI API Platform with over a Million Developers and a Catalog of Thousands of APIs

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