Easy API Integration Examples in Ten Programming Languages

by Interzoid Team

Posted on October 19th, 2021

Examples in Ten Programming Languages

There are ten sets of coding examples available for consuming Interzoid APIs on our Github page, showcasing how easy they are to integrate into any development scenario. There are examples for several Interzoid APIs, along with any language-specific recommended approaches, available to leverage.

The code examples include data matching (algorithms for identifying inconsistently represented organization names, individual names, and addresses) as well as our standardization APIs, enabling core data assets to be more usable, complete, accurate, and therefore have more value. This makes every data-driven application or tool used with your critical data assets more effective.

Other examples include live weather data, financial data such as foreign exchange rates, global telephone demographics, global site performance testing, email address validation, and several more.

Example code is provided in Javascript, Typescript, Node, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, Rust, C#, and PHP repositories. Find them here on Github to jumpstart your use of the Interzoid APIs.

If rather than utilizing a few lines of code, you would prefer to automate access to the APIs directly from either Cloud or on-premise database platforms, our free database connectivity product is available as well (API subscription required), allowing entire tables (or views) of data to be processed through any of our APIs. Output of the batch-like process can either be provided as reports, or the output results can be sent to database tables as well. This means you can automate entire data cleansing and data analysis processes on top of database platforms like AWS Aurora, AWS RDS, Snowflake, SkySQL, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure database platforms, Google Cloud SQL, CockroachDB, and many others. The same can be achieved with any SAAS application that allows an ODBC connection - all without any coding.

Special launch pricing is available through the end of the month.

For questions, contact us at support@interzoid.com or see Pricing for more information.

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