Use Latitude and Longitude in Mobile Devices to Get Current Weather Conditions

by Interzoid Team

Posted on May 12th, 2020

Use Latitude and Longitude in Mobile Devices to Get Current Weather Conditions

Now it's easy to add weather to mobile applications using geolocation data from a mobile device. Using latitude and longitude coordinates as input to Interzoid's US Weather by Lat & Long API, one can retrieve the current weather from the closest weather station (there are nearly 2000 across the United States).

Weather data can be useful, not just for knowing current weather conditions, but one can create innovative applications that leverage this real-time data. A simple example would be to market products and services relevant to a mobile device user's current temperature. If it's raining, a notification can be sent to make sure someone leaving their house grabs the umbrella.

Here is sample input and output from the Interzoid Lat & Long Weather API that collects real-time weather readings from thousands of weather monitoring stations around the United States:

Input (you can also put the API license key in the authorization header if preferred):****&lat=37.7749&long=-122.4194


{"City":"San Francisco","State":"CA","TempF":"62.0","TempC":"16.7","Weather":"Partly Cloudy and Breezy", "WindMPH":"25.3","WindDir":"West","RelativeHumidity":"62","VisibilityMiles":"10.00","Code":"Success","Credits":9193}

Here are some more examples of weather data that can be obtained via the API:

Examples of live weather data via API

To explore further, here are some links:

Interzoid's Weather APIs

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